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Personal Coaching

I aim my coaching services at those wanting to reflect on their current situation and ready to face their wishes, fears, worries and dreams. Everyone aiming at changing something in their life and is ready to tackle it are highly welcome. After a first joint comprehensive analysis we develop your new perspectives and strategies

A first introductory meeting is included.

Setting: 1 : 1

Time: 60 minutes

Systemic setup
with an impressive solution

Systemic constellation if for anyone facing issues but sometimes not being able to put into words what it really is. Together we will find approaches to set up your issues/your topics on the system board*, to make them transparent to you  and find a way how to handle those bothering points. A way that is characterized by more lightness and joy.

*It is a method where relationships, situations and/or conflicts are recreated and analyzed. The coach will lead the coachee with professional questions to approache his issues and guide him to find the answers by himself.

Setting: 1 : 1

Time: 90 minutes

Workshop „courage to truth“

Workshops for everyone who aims for change, exchange of ideas, togetherness and inspiration with like-minded people. People who want to walk the path. People who have been thrown in a crisis, who feel they have landed in a dead end or who feel trapped by stress in everyday life.
Together we will find solutions, new approaches and greater satisfaction.

Setting: individual number of participants

Time: 4 hours