create your own way


My life offers me a potpourri of experiences. Beautiful experiences, painful experiences, despair, happiness, hope and fear are often close together, just like any other human being.

Just a few years ago, I was of the opinion that everything would always be the same. My many years of work in the financial sector, including in the sales area, shaped me. Countless trips gave me intensive insights into the interaction of people, hierarchies and change processes. The resulting behaviors of each individual are exciting.

Over time, I have come to realize that it is up to me whether and what I want to change. Life offers us diversity. The world and its people are „colorful“. We often forget that life can be like a colorful bouquet of flowers. We are in a way trapped in our routine, our daily flow of life. Often we think it is how it is. But it is how we make it.

We have the chance to make the BEST of our life, to make it WONDERFUL. It is up to us if and how we tackle it.

So if you feel like changing your life in a way that you feel your heart’s desires and want to implement them, then contact me. The motto of my workshops and my coaching is „Courage for truth“. This means truth towards yourself and truth towards others.

Be courageous and try what this truth, your truth, will give you.

I look forward to getting to know you! I promise you exciting lessons, experiences and ultimately a new quality of life.

Our work together should give you space for

• sincerity
• courage
• longing
• truth
• clarity
• trust
• happiness
• spontaneity

The way of workshop and coaching is away from knowledge transfer to true change. The goal is to achieve harmony of body, mind and soul. To feel the connection to our heart’s desires and to learn that these can become true.

This connection leads to changes, helps you to more clarity and freedom on your further life path.

Trust and grab it.